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Buy Baby Fennec Fox Online

Buy Baby Fennec Fox Online. Fennec foxes dwell in the sandy Sahara and elsewhere in North Africa. Their nocturnal habits help them deal with the searing heat of the desert environment, and some physical adaptations help as well.

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These foxes are cream-colored with black-tipped tails. Their adorable appearance makes them favorites of the captive pet trade, and local peoples also hunt the fennec fox for its fur. Little is known about the status of wild fennec fox populations.

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The fur of the fennec fox is straw-colored. Its nose is black. Its tapering tail has a black tip. Its long ears have longitudinal reddish stripes on the back and are so densely haired inside that the external auditory meatus is not visible. The edges of the ears are whitish, but darker on the back. The ear to body ratio is greatest in the canid family and likely helps in dissipating heat and locating vertebrates.

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Captive fennec foxes reach sexual maturity at around nine months and mate between January and April. They usually breed only once per year. The copulation tie lasts up to two hours and 45 minutes. Gestation lasts between 50 and 52 days, sometimes also up to 63 days. After mating, the male becomes very aggressive and protects the female, provides her with food during pregnancy and lactation.


Buy Baby Fennec Fox Online
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