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Buy Baby Otters Online. Webbed feet and powerful tails, which act as rudders, make otters strong swimmers. Their nostrils and ears close to keep water out, and waterproof fur keeps them warm. They must carefully groom their fur and furry undercoat to keep them clean and sealed off to water because they’re not covered in a fatty layer like other seagoing creatures.

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All otters are expert hunters that eat fish, crustaceans, and other critters. Sea otters have an ingenious method to open shellfish. A sea otter will float on its back, place a rock on its chest, then smash the mollusk down on it until it breaks open.

Otters and their mustelid relatives were once hunted extensively for their fur, many to the point of near extinction. Despite regulations designed to protect them, many species remain at risk from pollution and habitat loss.

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You can buy a male baby Otter right here on When it’s time to nap, sea otters entangle themselves in kelp so they don’t float away. They also sometimes intertwine their feet with another sea otter, so that they stay together.


Buy Baby Otters Online
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