Buy Birman Kittens Online

Buy Birman Kittens Online

Buy Birman Kittens Online. The Birman is similar to the Siamese of Thailand, but he has a stockier body, white feet, and a long, silken coat that comes in all pointed colors, including chocolate and lilac. He’s considered a medium- to a large-sized cat, weighing between seven and 12 pounds.

Exotic Birman Kittens For Sale

The Birman is a calm, affectionate feline who enjoys spending time with his family — especially if you lavish lots of attention on this former temple idol. Birmans get along well with children and other pets. If you talk to him, your Birman will respond in a soft, pretty voice, but he’s not as vocal as the Thai Siamese

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Buy Birman Kittens Online
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