Buy British Shorthair Kittens Online

Buy British Shorthair Kittens Online

Buy British Shorthair Kittens Online. The British Shorthair is a study in roundness. He has a large round head, round eyes, and rounded paws. Even his tail has a rounded tip. He was once known as the British Blue because he came only in that color, but these days his short, plush coat comes in many different colors and patterns.

Male British Shorthair Kitten For Sale

A British Shorthair is a dignified, intelligent, and affectionate companion. He’s not generally a lapcat, but he will want to be at your side on the sofa or at least nearby. Females tend to have a serious demeanor, while males are more happy-go-lucky. These laidback cats can get along well with dogs and are calm around children, but they don’t enjoy being hauled around. Teach children to treat them with respect.

Buy Female Shorthair Kittens Online

The British Shorthair has a stocky, sturdy, square body with a broad, full chest, short, strong legs, and a short, thick tail that tapers to a rounded tip. He wears a plush, luxurious coat that makes you want to roll around in it. He has a round head with a short nose, chubby cheeks, and round eyes, all of which combine to give him a smiling expression.


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Buy British Shorthair Kittens Online
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