Buy Egyptian Mau Kitten Online

Buy Egyptian Mau Kitten Online

Buy Egyptian Mau Kitten Online. Like any cat, the Egyptian Mau is athletic and loves to climb — including onto your shoulder — and chase toys. He is smart and observant, quickly learning to open doors and drawers to get at what he wants, usually a favorite toy or treat. Maus communicate pleasure or enthusiasm in the form of a wagging tail and kneading paws, and may converse with you in a voice that chortles and trills.

Egyptian Mau Kittens For Sale

The Egyptian Mau is gentle and reserved. He loves his people and desires attention and affection from them but is wary of others. Early, continuing socialization is essential, especially if you plan to show or travel with your Egyptian Mau.

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The strikingly spotted cat has been clocked at 30 miles per hour and has an extraordinary leaping ability. He originated in Egypt, possibly descended from the African wild cat, and is the only domestic cat with a natural spotting pattern.

Female Egyptian Kittens For Sale

The lithe Egyptian Mau is the model/actress of the cat world, often striking poses on the judging table. His hind legs are longer than his front legs, giving him a characteristic tippy-toe stance.


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Buy Egyptian Mau Kitten Online
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