Buy Norwegian Forest Kittens Online

Buy Norwegian Forest Kittens Online

Buy Norwegian Forest Kittens Online. Meet the official cat of Norway. In his native country, he’s known as the “skogkatt,” which means “forest cat,” so when this cat came to North America, he was given the name Norwegian Forest Cat. That’s a mouthful, so he is affectionately referred to as the “Wegie.”

Wegie Kittens For Sale Online

This is a kind, loving, gentle cat with a strong nurturing instinct. The Wegie stands out for his double coat of many colors and patterns, tufted paws and ears, triangular head, plumed tail, and sturdy, heavily muscled body.

Norwegian Forest Kittens For Sale

Wegies mature slowly and take a long time to reach full physical and emotional development. A Wegie enjoys climbing and being up high, so be sure to purchase a ceiling-height cat tree and place it where he can watch over his domain.


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Buy Norwegian Forest Kittens Online
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