Buy Persian Kittens Online

Buy Persian Kittens Online

Buy Persian Kittens Online on The Persian is the glamor puss of the cat world. His beautiful, flowing coat, sweet face, and calm personality have combined to make him the most popular cat breed. He is high maintenance and he has some health issues, but for many his looks and personality overcome those drawbacks.

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The Persian is the most popular pedigreed cat in North America, if not the world. He first came into vogue during the Victorian era, but he existed long before then. Little is known about his early history, though.

The Persian comes in two types: show and traditional.

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The Persian’s sweet, gentle face turns up to gaze at his favorite people the way a pansy turns its face to the sun. He communicates with his expressive eyes and his soft, melodious voice. The Persian is the epitome of a lap cat, with a restful and undemanding personality.

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Persians have always been bred to have a round head, short face, snub nose, chubby cheeks, and a short, cobby body, but over time those features have become exaggerated.


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Buy Persian Kittens Online
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