Coatimundi Babies For Sale

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Coatimundi Babies For Sale

Coatimundi Babies For Sale Online. Coatimundi (pronounced ko-WAH-ti-MUN-dee) is a member of the raccoon family, sharing the ringed tail and the inquisitive nature. However, the raccoon is nocturnal and the coatimundi is typically active during the day.

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The white-nosed coatimundi is a native of Central and South America, and can even be found in the desert areas of the American Southwest. The brown-nosed coatimundi lives only in South America.

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Coatis reach sexual maturity at about 2 years of age. Male coatis join the band of females during the breeding season, varying by location from October to March. After breeding, the females kick the males out of the group and prepare their nest, usually high in the trees.


Coatimundi Babies For Sale
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